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BTM Musikverlag GmbH
"I received what I consider to be one of those 'lucky breaks' in early 2006, when out of the blue, Chris called me. I'd been touring around Germany for about a year & had heard is name mentioned a few times & although I was aware of his fantastic harmonica playing abilities, I wasn't aware that he was a Music Publisher as well. A few weeks after the phone call, we meet up & started working together. I consider working with Chris to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. He's extremely honest, trustworthy & easy to get along with, plus he researches every opportunity possible for his artists. It's great to be part of your Verlag Chris!"
Martyn Philips - Producer/Musician "I first heard about Chris through my co-writing and Mpath band partner Mathew James White. Mathew had mentioned how he had been working with Chris for a while, how things were working out far better than he could have imagined. All my dealing with Chris have been straightforward and down-to-earth and I am looking forward to working even closer on our new album release "Elevate" with which we hope to emulate the success I had with Londonbeat and "Thinking About You" all those years ago!"
Matthew James White